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  1. In the mid 1960’s a hardcover book was published showing ‘Bird’s Eye’ views of natural environments, some quite dramatic. That book, and now yours would seem to create an interesting contrast between natural environments and man-made urbanized environments, and possibly of the same environments and places. You may already be aware of that book in which case disregard this email. As first a landscape architect and later as an urban planner, I have often wondered if people actually realize what they are covering up, i.e. natural systems such as creeks, small rivers, natural ponds, etc, Why must such natural resource systems be sacrificed, especially when those waterways are sought after when the water is gone. In any event this might be a possible future book for you. Good luck.

  2. I agree that the use of drones would help dramatically in the process of urban mapping and planning. Because they give you a different perspective than just being on the ground, you can easily see the layout of any city. I think that when making urban plans, it would be very important to make user that there are multiple main roads to get to any destination. Traffic occurs when there are not enough main roads to accommodate all of the cars that use the roadways.

  3. I thought it was really cool that land surveyors could use drones to define property boundaries. My uncle wants to buy some land to build a home on, so I think hiring a land surveyor could really benefit him. How can you tell they have high quality drones?

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