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  1. At the same time, the solar energy is only consumed during the daytime. At night, people still use lights, televisions and air conditioning, the power for which is supplied by the grid and gas-powered electricity generating plants, which leaves its carbon footprint. So the additional solar energy is not at all worth it.

    Tesla and Sonnen Batterie make electrical storage units, or you can just buy batteries and make your own. Net metering lets your excess power be used during the day, you get credit for it at night. Additional solar energy is SO worth it!

    • Hi Tom. Thanks for your comment. So long as fossil fuel-based power can be substituted by renewables, no matter whether day or night, it has a positive effect on the climate. The solar energy can also substitute the consumption of fossil fuel-based power during daytime (AC, illumination, computers, fridge, server, …). So if a better balance in terms of CO2 is achievable reasonable (also considering embodied energy), no matter whether day or night, why it shouldn’t be worth it? However, the electricity consumption in residential buildings is normally lower during daytime compared to the morning or evening as the residents are out.

      • Here in the UK (GB), England has automatic “town planning” (Zoning) deemed consent for any dwelling which installs up to 4Kwh of solar panels (on it s roof or elsewhere).
        Every dwelling (new and existing) is being offered a real-time “Smart Meter” to show a dwelling’s occupants their real-time energy use (electric and gas) at zero cost – cost paid by utility company’s, as a mandatory “towards zero” energy measure.
        Retro-fit costs for a 3KWh solar panel installation are at the £5,000 (GBP) level, and retro-fit costs for a 3KWh solar panel with a 3KWh battery are at the £9,000 (GBP) level.

        I am a Chartered Building Engineer and a “Building Code Official” with 45 years on the job experience.
        By replacing all high wattage light fitting and buying “A” or “AA” EU rated white goods, replacing our Oil Central Heating Boiler with a condensing “AAA” unit (wet wall mounted radiators in all rooms) my Home, built in 1850, now only uses 1.2 KWh (electric) during the day-light hours (9am to 6pm). And only 2.5KWh (electric) during the active evening/night time hours (6pm to midnight).
        So a solar system as described above will make my family room (for 4 folk) “off-grid” for more than 12 hours a day.
        Ours will arrive by the coming Fall.

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