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  1. There are a variety of noteworthy vertical gardens within Asia, for example the Seoul’s “Green Wall” as well as “Sky-garden.” Is it a much bigger trend?

    Around 2050, you will find way more humans on the big blue earth, and also 66% of the planets human population will probably reside in mega-cities. It is time to do something against global warming, to develop completely new eco-responsible life-styles and also to integrate mother nature directly into all of our metropolitan areas.

    Although the main reason of structures is to safeguard man from nature, the actual modern-day metropolis aims to get back together humankind as well as their all-natural ecosystems. Your garden is not any more positioned side-by-side to your building; it’s the building! The actual structures turn into cultivable, edible and actually sustainable.

    It is not a trend. It is necessary! Time for a change for the good.

    Chris Wick

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